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Town Crier
KUMRC Tentative Schedule of Events

KUMRC Meetings
Thursdays, 8pm
Old Main Room 138
Fall and Spring Semesters

KUMRC Annual Renaissance Theme Dinner
A Theme Dinner Theatre held in Renaissance or Medieval style with foods and entertainment appropriate to the time period and location.
1st Saturday in December every year

Revel- The Attack on the DMZ
Every semester we try to conquer the big grassy plot of land in the center of our campus called the DMZ. Here we make a lot of noise, accost the pedestrians and attempt to recruit them into our club, and we usually have a melee for everyone to witness. More fun then we should have on a February afternoon, but we have it.

KUMRC Annual Renaissance Faire
Faire includes song, dance, various period performers, shops, food, games, and much, much more.
This year's plot....dueling brothers. Two lords, twins, think they have the best taste. And so the faire starts. The noble lord brings in the finest court players while his peasant oriented brother receives the traveling troupe. Various legends, myths and plays are done throughout the day ending in the rivalry clash.
May 6th and 7th, 2000. Yes it has been stretched and relocated to Lytle Field on the North side of campus.
The Faire Page

University Weekend
The University Weekend is a chance for the members, campus, and community to learn new and interesting things. Many workshops go on during the day and there is a feast Sunday night. Our Saturday classes end in farbling, one of our favourite past times. Farbling is where we get all dressed up and in our personas and go out to a public place and have fun. It's quite a sight.
University Weekend
House FaulconMere Goes To War
House FaulconMere's venture into the world of Pennsic War. Our camp is made up of members and friends of the KUMRC. Pennsic War

Events will be posted as soon as they are scheduled. Any questions, comments, or observations please direct to Ashley MacGregor.
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