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Lord Xaos Killian
Mundane Name: Kevin Klotz

Where do you live? "Beyond the realm of reality in a nicehouse of Suburbia."

Jobs: "Lensman trying to join the star Force so that the Admiralty of Starfleet won't have to pester the Jedi's about my employment anymore."

Hobbies: "Taking over the world (Quiet Pinky!), rewriting time to suit no one's needs, keeping the stonecutters in power (we don't need no stinkin' aliens.)

What has the club done for you? ", it's given me some merriment in an otherwise dull existance."

"Fate has chosen us for a grand adventure. Now we have to get on the bandwagon! Beam us up, Scotty, and warp speed ahead, Mr. Sulu. The Anisians don't want to be kept waiting."

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