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Pennsic Stories

Pennsic War XXVII

No shit there I was, walking down to Raven Spittle with a watergun in one hand and a group of people carrying a bottle. Yes, we successfully put Raven Spittle's Ship in a bottle. And if anyone was by the showers when that happened. I was the one who ran by wearing many loud jingly and belly things screaming "Stealthy Gypsy Coming Through!"

Pennsic War XXVIII

No shit there I was, in the middle of merchantdom when I heard chanting off in the distance. As the chanting got closer I could see where it was coming from. It was about a dozen or more men in sumo wrestler diaper things carrying a six foot giant penis. They chanted, stopped, set the penis down, blessed merchantdom with fertility, drank, shouted, picked up their penis and chanted on. A most strange sight when not expecting it.

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