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Guildman's Way

This is the clubs promo for all of our guildspeople in the club. Or, better said, all of us nuts who learned how to make nifty stuff or do nifty things.

Jeanne Rogovin (AKA)Fiera Temptation
- Chain Maille, Garb Work, Middle Eastern Culture and Dancing, Persona Help,and Combat.

Christopher Dunkle
- Miniature model and chess piece painting.

Steve Schroeder
- Juggler and Jester.

Steve Mazlum
- Juggler and Jester.

Kelly Schrumpf
- Feastocrat, jewelry maker and Garb worker.

Eric Stoveken
- Feastocrat extraordinaire, cook, general amusement.

Kim Snyder
- Middle Eastern Dancing, jewelry and design, chain maille.

Amy Beth Bauersfeld
- Persona creation, Garb work, and swordfighting.

J.C. Schmidt
- Leather work, martial arts, and chess.

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