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Welcome to the Kutztown University Medieval-Renaissance Club Home Page!

Greetings and Salutations to all good gentles who enter. This is the official website of the Kutztown University Medieval Renaissance Club. Let it be known to all. We are a group of friends who enjoy dressing funny, singing badly, and having fun. We also play with large shiny pointy objects and generally beat the crap out of each other. Our job is to re-enact the way of life from those times long gone by. All of us are each, in our own way, poets, minstrels, sewers, fighters, lovers, leatherworkers, maille workers, flirts, dancers, heralds, and psychopaths. (Well you have to be a wee bit crazy to do the stuff we do.) So, I cordially invite you to enter our humble shire and take a look around. Enjoy. Seneshal: Ashley MacGregor

Personal Quarters
The cast and crew that make up this rowdy bunch.
The Club

Town Crier
The announcements and general schedule of events.

The Society for Creative Anachronism
The SCA, information and sites

Pennsic Wars
The infamous SCAdian war.

Guildman's Way
The workers and merchants amoung us.

a general history of our being and some background on our origins.

Anything Else For The Good Of The Order?
miscellaneous banter from the members.

All will be updated as soon as the information is given. For further information contact
KUMRC Webmaster
Thank you for visiting. We hope to see you again soon.

Due to political technicalities, House FaulconMere is a seperate entity from the Kutztown University Medieval-Renaissance Club. Most of the members of the club are members of the household, and vice versa. There will be a seperation of web pages as soon as humanly possible.