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Personal Quarters

This is the personal space for our members. All of their information, well as much as they would give me, is here for your perusal. Just chose a member and find out what you want to know.

The Ever Popular Christopher

Fiera Temptation

Ashley MacGregor

Rose MacGregor

Jorgan Campbell

Stephen Mazlum

Jeremy Dewalt

Zennora Sernae an Penwitt

Ariel Branwyn

Lady Mayhemme Killian

Lord Xoas Killian

Otto Klodwig

The Deviant - Chad Heim

Alexa De Croix

Lady Isabella


Captain Morgen ni Calleigh

Craeg O'Hagan

Murdoch Remward

Donovan VanIyes

Our Most Illustrious Advisor - Assistant professor James McNelis

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