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Pennsic War

The Pennsic War is an annual event held at Cooper's Lake Campground in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. It is a two week long event where the participants live in the "period" and enjoy the festivities. The basis of this event is the battle between the East Kingdom and the Middle Kingdom.

House FaulconMere Goes To War
This is mostly dedicated to the members of the Household and the friends camping with us. There is a message board for us to use and for anyone else with tips or ideas to post to us. I'm hoping this will be a help to us as we will be away from each other for the majority of the summer.

Pennsic War XXIX
This year's Pennsic postings.

Pennsic Stories
The stories from our friends and members about their time traveling to/from and during War.

Preparation for War
Stories of the preparation taking before going to War.

For more information on Pennsic War the following links have been provided:
The Official Pennsic War Page...All official information on War and how to go about getting there. All the things you need to know and why.

Alexander's Pennsic War Page...A most excellent page with all sorts of information on War including stories and pictures.

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